Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News

The Cry from Haiti: 'We Want to Escape Misery to Return to Poverty.'
As Haiti prepared its plea for help at today’s donors’ conference, a retired Norfolk orthopedic surgeon has been tending earthquake victims… [Times Online]

Africa Has 27 Million More People in Poverty Following Crisis. The global economic crisis pushed 27 million more people into poverty in Africa. [Business Week]

Recovery Could Leave Behind World's Poorest. The world's 49 least developed countries, described as the poorest of the poor, could feel the effects of the global economic crisis for decades. [Inter Press Service]

[Monstanto] Has Been the Prime Beneficiary of Food Crisis. Today, Monsanto is the virtual king of genetically modified food crops… [Expressbuzz.com]

Private Sector Shed Jobs in March -- Analysts Expected Big Gain. Stocks traded mixed Wednesday after a payroll company's report provided a surprising reminder that the job market remains weak. [Huffington Post]

Real Food for All: The Role of Farmers' Markets. [O]ur food system has gone horribly wrong. While I don't believe this happened by intent, the results are dire for most Americans. [Atlantic Online]

Poor Results Doom Anti-Poverty Project Opportunity NYC. An ambitious city program that offered cash rewards to poor families that did the right thing isn't the cure-all officials hoped it would be. [New York Daily]

Climate Change/Environment
Lovelock: 'We Can't Save the Planet.' Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory, has said it is too late to try and save the planet. [BBC]

Will Apple's iPad Add to or Alleviate Climate Change? A new report linking Apple's iPad, which debuts Saturday, to global warming has prompted debate among environmentalists about the true planetary impact of these mobile devices. [USA Today]

Cap and Trade Dropped from Senate's Energy-Climate Change Bill. Cap and trade, a centerpiece of the Waxman-Markey Bill passed by the House, won't be included in the upcoming Senate version of the bipartisan energy-climate change legislation, according to its sponsors. [Examiner.com]


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