Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News

Today's top headlines:

Big Food Push Urged to Avoid Global Hunger
. With the world's population soaring to 9 billion by mid-century, crop yields must rise, say the authors -- yet climate change threatens to slash them. [BBC] 

With Cheap Food Imports, Haiti Can't Feed Itself. The earthquake not only smashed markets, collapsed warehouses and left more than 2.5 million people without enough to eat. It may also have shaken up the way the developing world gets food. [The Washington Post]

U.S. Government Asks Congress to Sanction $370 Million. The Obama administration has urged Congress to release $370 million for humanitarian projects in the areas where Pakistan was conducting military operations against the militants. [Dawn.com]

Euro Trashed. The European Monetary Union, the basis of the euro, began with a grand illusion. [The New York Times]

U.S. Consumer Spending Growth Slows. U.S. consumer spending rose in February at its slowest pace since September last year, providing further evidence of a fragile economic recovery. [BBC]

Free Advice on Money for Those with Little. For three years, Juan Maldonado worked in a sleek skyscraper in Midtown, reconciling stock trades at a Lehman Brothers subsidiary that managed $216 billion in assets. [The New York Times]

An Economic Puzzle Bernanke Can't Solve. It's a mystery that has puzzled even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: if the U.S. economy is growing rapidly, why isn't it creating jobs? [ABC News]

Climate Change/Environment
World Deforestation Decreases, but Remains Alarming in Many Countries. World deforestation, mainly the conversion of tropical forests to agricultural land, has decreased over the past 10 years but continues at an alarmingly high rate in many countries. [Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations]

Peru Hails Western Carbon Offsetting Programmes. Nestle Waters France wants to offset emissions from its factories in the West by buying trees in a rainforest thousands of miles away. [BBC] 

Where Have All the Green Jobs Gone? When the financial crisis first hit about 18 months ago, many politicians claimed "green jobs" would be the answer to reviving economic growth. [BBC]


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