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Top Hunger Headlines: Record Number on Food Stamps

Food Stamp Tally Nears 40 million, Sets Record. Nearly 40 million Americans received food stamps--the latest in an ever-higher string of record enrollment that dates from December 2008 and the U.S. recession, according to a government update. [Reuters]

U.S. Unemployment Rises but More Jobs Created. The U.S. unemployment rate rose in April, even though more jobs were created than in any month in the past four years. [BBC]

Suburbs Losing Young Whites To Cities. White flight? In a reversal, America's suburbs are now more likely to be home to minorities, the poor, and a rapidly growing older population as many younger, educated whites move to cities for jobs and shorter commutes. [Huffington Post]

EU Ministers Offer 750 Billion Euro Plan to Support Currency
. Emergency measures worth 750 billion euros have been agreed to prevent the Greek debt crisis from affecting other eurozone countries. [BBC] 

A Look at Costs of Afghan War to U.S. Taxpayers. When Afghan President Hamid Karzai meets lawmakers this week as part of his four-day trip to Washington, they will want reassurances from him that he is committed to tackling corruption and ensuring U.S. taxpayer funds are not wasted. [Reuters]

Latinos Sending Money Home: Essential to Latin America. Remittances, the funds sent by foreign-based Latin American workers to their families back home ... represent one of the major economic trends shaping Latin America’s recent development. [EnerPub]

Bono Interviews Obama for the African Century Edition. After a recent chat, the U2 front man followed up with these e-mailed questions … [The Globe and Mail]

Climate Change/Environment
Nature Loss 'To Hurt Economies.'
The Earth's ongoing nature losses may soon begin to hit national economies, a major U.N. report has warned. [BBC]AFRICA: Changing Technologies to Keep Up with Climate Change. Technological innovation is key to helping African farmers cope with the increasing challenges posed by climate change, say specialists. [AlertNet]

Liberals Still Think Climate Bill Can Pass. Despite losing key backers in the misguided effort for a "climate bill," liberals still think they have a chance. [examiner.com]


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