Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Top Hunger Headlines: Slow Progress on MDGs

Meeting Millennium Development Goals. As part of a series assessing whether Bangladesh is on track to meet the U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, the BBC visits a safety pin factory in the capital, Dhaka, which employs children. [BBC]

Afghanistan Shuts 172 Aid Organizations. Afghanistan has shut down over 10 percent of aid organizations in an effort to create a better accountability of the billions of dollars of aid pouring into the country. [The Media Line]

Markets Can't Self-Regulate; State Should Step In. The Washington Consensus is dead and the state must play a new role in development. [Inter Press Service]

Promises, Promises: Rich Farmers Get Most Cash. Lawmakers crafting a sweeping farm bill in 2008 promised it would cut government payments to wealthy farmers. Two years later, little appears to have changed. [AP]

Real Misery Index Hits All-Time High as America's Economic Divide Widens. The unemployment crisis continues to stymie a full economic recovery… [Huffington Post]

Recommendations from White House Task Force to Combat Childhood Obesity. The task force calls for the following recommendations… [The Washington Post]

Climate Change/Environment
Steep Rise in India’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions. India's annual greenhouse gas emissions increased by nearly 60% between 1994 and 2007, a government study says. [BBC]

John Kerry, Joe Lieberman to Introduce Climate Change Bill. A short summary of what to expect from the highly anticipated Kerry-Lieberman energy bill... [Huffington Post]

Report: Climate Change Could Render Much of World Uninhabitable‎. A worst-case scenario of global warming, in which temperatures would soar some 21 degrees, is that much of the world may simply become too hot for humans to live in… [USA Today]


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