Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Top Hunger Headlines: Food Crisis in Chad

FAO Reports Shortfall in Chad Donations. Food crisis sparked by drought leaves 2 million facing hunger after promised donations fall through. [The Washington Post] 

Chad Hunger Overshadowed by Niger Food Crisis. Donations to relieve drought in Chad low due to hunger crisis in Niger. [Reuters] 

Did More African Aid Deliver Fewer Coups? Five years on from one of the most ambitious aid packages ever devised for Africa, the reviews have been mixed on how successful the plans have been in reality. [BBC]


Family Friendly: Brazil’s Plan to Tackle Poverty. President Lula’s comprehensive Bolsa Familia plan to eradicate poverty gives aid conditional upon children attending school. [BBC] 

Toilets and Cellphones. I was intrigued to learn the other day that there are now more cellphones in India than toilets. [The New York Times]

The Harsh Lives of Kabul’s Street Children. Tens of thousands of young war refugees and victims of the opium trade work to eke out a living for themselves and their families. [BBC] 

Billions Needed to End U.S. Child Hunger, Obesity
. U.S. Agriculture Secretary calls for money to help children, economy and national security. [AFP]

Food Stamps to Meet More Need in Minnesota. Monthly food donation programs to be replaced by increasing the Federal Food Stamp program, increasing discretion, and stimulating the local economy. [StarTribune] 

Erasing Hunger Will Require Better Use of Federal and State Resources. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) should be the primary defense against hunger. [Houston Chronicle] 

Building a Better Lunch: Program Head Discusses Nutrition Act Changes. Julie Paradis, head of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Services, talks about the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act. [Missoulian] 

Congressional Hearing Held on Farm Bill. Georgia Farm Bureau works to win effective farm policy and financial safety net. [The Post-Searchlight] 

Climate Change/Environment
Climate Change, Financial Crisis Hurt Progress toward Millennium Development Goals. As agriculture is affected by climate change and government priorities are changed by the financial crisis, poverty reduction efforts take a hit. [Insurancenewsnet.com] 

Oil Reaches Louisiana Shores. Over one month after the initial explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, crude oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico… [Boston.com]

Kerry: Halt to Offshore Drilling ‘Not Going to Happen.’ Sen. John Kerry says the Gulf oil spill makes passage of his pending energy and climate change legislation more urgent… [Christian Science Monitor]

Seventy Percent of Corporations Plan to Spend More on Climate Change. Ernst and Young LLP survey shows that regardless of U.S. policy advances, many big businesses plan to spend $5-50 million a year on climate change issues. [TriplePundit] 

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