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Top Hunger Headlines: Mobile Banking Closes Poverty Gap

Mobile Banking Closes Poverty Gap
. Mobile banking has transformed the way people in the developing world transfer money, and now it is poised to offer more sophisticated banking services that could make a real difference to people's lives. [BBC] 

Mozambique: Money Available to Develop Food Production. A fund of $20 million has been made available for Mozambique to develop the production of fruit. [AllAfrica.com] 

U.N.: Poor Harvests, Droughts Cause Nearly 10 Million Africans to Face ‘Extreme’ Hunger. The worsening situation was blamed on drought and poor harvests… [The Underground] 

Feed the Future. Through the Feed the Future program, the U.S. will invest at least $3.5 billion over a three-year period to boost the role of agriculture and nutrition in our development efforts, and to reduce hunger and food insecurity. [VOA News] 

Agriculture: Bumper Harvests Bring Stability. The spike in prices that caused the first global food crisis in 30 years in 2007-08 has led to large increases in production of foods such as corn (maize) and wheat. [Financial Times] 

Make Fighting Hunger a Priority. More children need nutritional assistance, thanks to the recession. [Baltimore Sun] 

Climate Change/Environment
New Round of Climate Negotiation Begins. A fresh round of negotiations kicked off Monday in another attempt to get global agreement on a treaty to meet climate change … [Business Mirror] 


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