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The Littlest Advocate

Little Lobbyist 2

Isaiah Lewis, center, leads his mom, Beth, and other delegates to their congressional offices during Bread’s 2010 Lobby Day. Photo by Rick Reinhard.

For 2-year-old Isaiah Lewis, it’s never too early to learn to help others. He and his parents, Jeremy and Beth, drove from Atlanta to Washington, DC, last week to attend Bread’s Lobby Day.

The day went well—Isaiah and his parents visited their representative and both senators, urging them to protect and strengthen tax credits that help low-income families. “Isaiah had practiced saying, ‘Earned income tax credit’ and ‘make it permanent’” prior to the visits, said Beth.

When Isaiah asked his parents what the Earned Income Tax Credit is, “We talked about that it really helped people be able to choose what they needed to buy when they didn’t have enough money, even if they were working hard,” Jeremy said. “For instance, it allowed people to buy diapers, or work on their car if they needed to, but it really gave people a choice for how to use their money. I think he definitely understood that.”

Isaiah loved wearing a tie, and carrying the Lobby Day packet Bread provided was really important to him, said Beth. After the Lobby Day reception, the family returned to their dorm room at American University for a well-deserved rest, where a high point for Isaiah was jumping on the beds.

“It’s important to our family that he’s involved, so that he knows the importance of advocacy from an early age,” said Jeremy. “It’s only through us organizing our individual voices that we have an opportunity to make a significant change.”


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Wow...what a great article. It's great to know there are parents out there that get their kids involved like this. Very touching...

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