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Top Hunger News: Algae Examined as Cheap Solution to Malnutrition


Highly Nutritious Green Cakes Could Save Lives. Donors hope spirulina, a blue-green, protein-packed algae labeled a "wonderful future food source" 45 years ago by the International Association of Microbiology, will deliver on its promise by the time a US $1.7 million cultivation project in Chad, funded by the European Union (EU), ends in December 2010. [IRIN]

[Video] Haiti: The Aid Dilemma. In the aftermath of January's devastating earthquake in Haiti, post-disaster relief is creating a new kind of problem for businesses there. The massive influx of food aid has altered the price of rice, throwing the delicate balance in Haiti's food supply chain out of whack and threatening to collapse the country's rice market. [Frontline]

West Bank Poverty ‘Worse than Gaza.’ Children living in the poorest parts of the West Bank face significantly worse conditions than their counterparts in Gaza, a study conducted by an international youth charity has found. [Aljazeera.net]

Chad: Hungry Season Sets in Early. The poorest households in Chad will find themselves with no food reserves in the coming weeks, according to the U.S. Famine Early Warning System network, FEWSNET. [IRIN].


FBN Shopping Cart Prices Take Biggest Jump in 21 Months. Led again by increases in prices for meat and dairy products, the overall cost of items in the FOX Business shopping cart rose sharply in May -- the seventh time the food basket prices have increased in the last eight months. [FOX Business]

Photo Exhibit Shows Face, Airs Stories of Hunger. A North Texas Food Bank photo exhibit puts a face on a widespread problem that often goes unseen. [The Dallas Morning News]

With Federal Stimulus Funds Running Out, Economic Worries Grow. Much of the $787 billion stimulus has been spent, creating jobs and extending jobless benefits. But with lawmakers reluctant to approve more funding, concerns are rising about staving off another recession. [Los Angeles Times]

Climate Change/Environment

G-20 Backs Funding for Climate, Food as Protesters Rage Outside. More funding to address climate change and food security will be available through the Multilateral Development Banks, said the G-20 group of the world's largest economies in a declaration at the conclusion of its annual meeting here Sunday. [Environment News Service]


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The video on aid in Haiti is really interesting. I appreciated this part: "Relief agencies until recently, focused solely on getting enough food to hungry people. All that food aid destroyed the local food economy. When the immediate crisis ended, long term problems began. The WFP has spent the past decade studying this problem..." and the look at the rice supply chain. It's encouraging to learn of people studying how to keep microwholesalers in business.

Cool Site,

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