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Top Hunger News: Brothers Fight Hunger with Soccer Camp

Brothers Fight Hunger With Soccer Camp. Kicking 4 Hunger collects cans for Concord pantry. [The Charlotte Observer]

N.J. Senator Introduces Bill Preserving FamilyCare Insurance Program for Working Poor. Showing his distaste for the budget deal reached Monday, Senate Health Committee Vice-Chairman Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex) has introduced a bill that would allow more parents to enroll in FamilyCare, the insurance program for working poor people. [NJ.com]

Africa: Not Spending Enough on Food. "Africa is now facing the same type of long-term food deficit problem that India faced in the early 1960s," says a U.S.-based think tank. [IRIN]

Global: Ghana Tops List of Less Hungry Countries. Ghana, often hailed as a success story in West African agriculture, tops a global list of 10 countries that have managed to slash their number of hungry people by a huge margin. [IRIN]

Economic Crisis ‘Must Not Disrupt Vaccine Program.’ The global economic crisis must not be allowed to interfere with the delivery of new vaccines to the developing world, a global health body has warned. [BBC]

Kenya: Kakuma Camp Cuts Child Malnutrition. Aid workers in a camp for some 80,000 refugees in northwest Kenya have in six months slashed acute child malnutrition rates by doubling the provision of nutritional supplements, scaling up feeding and adopting community feeding programs. [IRIN]

Surviving on a Crust in Egypt’s Expanding Slums. For 7-year-old Ahmed Yasser, it is normal to have just a crust of bread to munch on throughout the afternoon as he plays with other children in a narrow alley in the sprawling slum of Arab al-Maasarah, 20 km south of Cairo. [IRIN]

Global Downturn Fuelled Poverty, Hunger: U.N. Report. The report said that effects of the crisis are likely to persist as poverty rates will be slightly higher in 2015 and even beyond… [Sify]

Climate Change/Environment
Syria: Act Now to Stop Desertification, Says FAO. An irreversible degeneration of some of Syria’s landmass could occur because of three consecutive years of drought, warns the Food and Agriculture Organization. [IRIN]


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