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Top Hunger News: World Wakes to African Hunger--Late Again?

World Wakes to African Hunger—Late Again? In a slow-motion disaster predicted months ago by aid agencies, Africa's Sahel region is lurching toward a food crisis which the world has only weeks left to avert. [Reuters] 

G8 Nations Accused Over Food Aid. Members of the G8 group of rich nations are falling short of pledges to deliver more than $20 billion to support farming and fight hunger in the world's poorest countries... [U.K. Press Association] 

Africa Must Toughen Up Trade Stance. African governments must take a tougher stance in trade negotiations with emerging markets such as China and India… [The Guardian] 

USAID Helps Drought-Affected Niger with Emergency Food Security Program Award. This nearly $5 million grant to Mercy Corps, a U.S. non-governmental organization, will help them assist 130,000 individuals affected by drought by providing them with locally purchased food and vouchers for the purchase of food in local markets. [PRNewswire] 

USAID Provides Assistance to the People of the Kyrgyz Republic. Through the newly created Complex Crises Fund, $15.1 million will be provided by USAID for immediate assistance in the southern part of the Kyrgyz Republic and rapid community improvement and stabilization projects throughout the country. [PRNewswire] 

200,000 Blows against Hunger. Sponsored with an anonymous $50,000 donation to the feeding group Stop Hunger Now, teens and adults crowded around long tables and worked in an assembly line to measure and package dehydrated meals that will go next week to feed school children in Nicaragua. [Online Athens] 

Consumer Prices in U.S. Fell for Second Month in May. The cost of living in the U.S. dropped in May for a second month, signaling the world’s largest economy is recovering without causing prices to flare. [Bloomberg Businessweek] 

Climate Change/Environment
U.S. Energy and Climate Change Bill Affordable, Says EPA. While household energy costs could go down over the next decade, ultimately average bills would rise by between $79 and $146 by 2050. [Energy Efficiency News] 


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