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Top Hunger News: Sudanese Refugees Forced to Flee to Area Already Hungry


Hunger Fears Grow Amid Mass Sudan Exodus.Thousands of Sudanese are being forced to leave their homes and walk for days into an area already severely affected by food shortages. [BBC]

Asia Leads World With Sharp Drop in Poverty. The sharpest reductions in poverty worldwide continue to be recorded in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, where the Millennium Development Goals target of halving extreme poverty has already been met, while most of Southern Asia is in danger of missing the target, says a United Nations progress report released on Thursday. [The Daily Times]

2010 World Cup: Boon or Bane for South Africa? The 2010 World Cup is all about legacy, and this is what this sporting event will leave to South Africa as the country hosts the game, according to FIFA. [Seer Press News]


High Cost of Living Works against City's Hungry. The number of San Franciscans on food stamps has grown by some 55 percent in the past 17 months. [The San Francisco Examiner]

Viewpoint: A Solution for Hunger and Poverty. Access to food and other resources is not a matter of availability. Rather, it’s connected with one’s ability to pay. [The Daily Universe]

Poverty Trumps Education Gains. Despite state improvements, regional board report cites toll of economics on progress. [The Commercial Appeal]

Children Born Poor More Likely to Be Dogged by Poverty. Using data from a University of Michigan program that has been tracking the same families for more than 40 years, economists at the Urban Institute found that 49 percent of children who are born into households below the poverty line spend at least half of their first 18 years in poverty. [The Wall Street Journal]

Climate Change/Environment

Indonesia: Deforestation Leading to Fewer Resources, More Disasters. Wisnawati used to make three million rupiah (U.S. $325) a month tapping rubber trees, but now, after years of rampant deforestation, she farms rice and coffee and is lucky to bring in half that each month. [IRIN]


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