Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Top Hunger News: Politics of Food Scarcity


The Emerging Politics of Food Scarcity. A dangerous geopolitics of food scarcity is emerging in which individual countries, acting in their narrowly defined self-interest, reinforce the trends causing global food security to deteriorate. [Treehugger.com]

Girls Count: "An Adolescent Girl Living in Poverty is the Most Powerful Person in the World." If we reach her early enough, she can accelerate economies, arrest major global health issues and break cycles of poverty. [UN Dispatch]

Women Still Playing Catch Up. Expanding opportunities for women and girls, especially in education, brings dramatic improvements in a society's economic performance and in social indicators like infant mortality and overall health. [Miami Herald]

Food Crisis in the Republic of Niger: What Needs to Be Done? It is essential that this landlocked country looks for alternative methods of subsistence in order to improve on the current situation of about two million people on the verge of hunger. [Peace and Conflict Monitor]


Feeding America Applauds Passage of Child Nutrition Reauthorization Legislation by House Education and Labor Committee and Urges Full House Action. This bill would be a significant step forward in achieving an end to childhood hunger by 2015. [PRNewswire]   

Census Bureau: Number of Children Without Insurance Rising. Analysts said those figures coincide with the increase in the poverty rate across the country. [Independentmail.com]

Food Stamp Needs Keep Growing. Sitting in the food stamp office filling out a renewal form, Brian Bachurek said he'd rather be working than asking for help from the state... [The Daytona Beach News Journal]

More People Expected to Apply for Food Stamps. This month, North Carolina is doing something it has never done before. New income requirements are making food stamps available to residents who wouldn’t have qualified a few weeks ago. [Fox News]

Ethnic Food: Farmers Find A Future In Immigrant Vegetables. Maxixe, a Brazilian relative of the cucumber, is relatively unknown in the U.S., but it may one day be as common as cilantro as farmers and consumers embrace more so-called ethnic vegetables. [Huffington Post]

Climate Change/Environment

[Blog] We Can Feed the World Sustainably, Humanely. According to the experts, agroecological farming, which improves food production and farmers' incomes while at the same time protecting the soil, water and climate, could feed an estimated world population of nine billion people by 2050 and go a long way to save the climate, if implemented now. [Huffington Post]


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