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Top Hunger News: Ugandan War Survivors Rise from Poverty


Uganda: War Survivors Take the Poverty Bull by the Horns. Eunice Odok is a well-known woman in Abilonino village, Apac district. The 26-year-old mother of four is known for her high pitched voice, which has been her signature for a long time. [AllAfrica.com]

DRC: 'Food and Livelihood Crisis' in the West. Millions of people in parts of the western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are facing a “food and livelihood crisis” brought on by structural causes such as the dependence on the mining sector and a poor road and livelihoods infrastructure, say officials. [IRIN]

U.N. Agency Opens Up Access to Largest Database of Hunger Statistics. The world’s largest and most comprehensive database on food, agriculture and hunger is now open to the public, free of charge, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization announced today. [UN News Center]


Center Hired to Find Food Stamp Recipients. Corinne Reese says the Shoals Family Success Center is all about trying to make sure families with needs are connected with resources. [TimesDaily.com]

Federal Government Eyeing Free Lunches for All Students in High-Poverty Areas, Rules for Vending Machines. The federal government could soon be paying for lunch for entire communities of children under a new plan in the U.S. House of Representatives. [Mlive.com]

Climate Change/Environment

Biotech and Breeding - Glimpses of the Agricultural Future. Agricultural production in the developing world could be among the hardest-hit by climate change, but new research shows that food security can be improved by biotechnology and adapting traditional farming techniques, experts say. [IRIN]

Zambia: State, Brazil Seal Deals to Reduce Hunger. Zambia and Brazil have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) in the fields of bio-fuels production and food services aimed at reducing hunger in the two countries. [AllAfrica.com]


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