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Top Hunger News: Cambodia Needs More Midwives to Reduce Maternal Deaths


In Brief: Cambodia Needs More Midwives to Reduce Maternal Deaths. There is one doctor or midwife for every 1,000 people in Cambodia, compared with two per 1,000 in Thailand, and 12 per 1,000 in Japan. [IRIN]

Somalia's al Shabaab Rebels Expel Three Aid Groups. Somalia's al Shabaab insurgents said on Monday they had ordered several aid agencies to close their operations, accusing them of spreading Christian propaganda. [Reuters Africa]

Weather Impact on Europe, CIS wheat crop. Drought and disruptive rainfall across Europe and former Soviet Union republics have forced producers to revise down their 2010 wheat crop forecasts. [Reuters India]

Haitian Children Turn to Begging in DR after Quake. [M]ore Haitian children are begging on the streets of the Dominican Republic—a sign that the economic gulf between the neighboring nations has grown wider since the Jan. 12 earthquake. [The Associated Press]

Haitians Look to Family 1,500 Miles North for Help. As Alourds Grandoit hitches her chair across the yard, following the spots of shade, her thoughts linger mostly on the dead: 10 relatives lost in the Jan. 12 earthquake. [The New York Times]

Pakistan: Floods Show No Sign of Let-Up. Unrelenting downpours continue to limit relief efforts and have grounded helicopters in KP, leaving thousands of people cut off in areas where roads and bridges have been swept away. [IRIN]


Liberals Vow to Back State Aid, but Restore Food Stamp Funding. Liberal Democrats said they will vote for a $26.1 billion state aid bill when the House reconvenes this week but are committed to restoring the food-stamps program funding that is being used to pay for it. [The Hill]

City Program for Homeless is Criticized. A signature anti-poverty program of the Bloomberg administration is stumbling because of lax oversight … [The New York Times]

Research Desk Tallies: How Expensive is Welfare? When people refer to "welfare," they usually mean the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program (TANF) … [The Washington Post blog]

Silver Diner Club-Card Plan to Help Fund School Nutrition and Fitness Programs. Robert Giaimo and Ype Von Hengst have launched "Eat Well, Do Well," an initiative to fund school nutrition and fitness programs to combat childhood obesity. [The Washington Post]

Nun's Death Rallies Anti-Immigration Forces. In Arizona, the shooting death of a rancher blew the lid off simmering anger over border security and helped solidify support for a tough new immigration law. [Associated Press]

Some Firms Struggle to Hire Despite High Unemployment. With a 9.5% jobless rate and some 15 million Americans looking for work, many employers are inundated with applicants. But a surprising number say they are getting an underwhelming response, and many are having trouble filling open positions. [The Wall Street Journal]

Environment/Climate Change

Ban Announces High-Level Panel to Tackle Global Sustainability Issues. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today unveiled a new panel on global sustainability that is tasked with finding ways to lift people out of poverty while tackling climate change and ensuring that economic development is environmentally friendly. [U.N. News Centre]


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