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Top Hunger News: Congress' Serial Hits on Food Stamps


Congress’ Serial Hits on Food Stamps. With some shabby sleight of hand, Congress has begun tapping into the food stamp program for the hungriest Americans to help pay for lawmakers’ higher election-year priorities. [The New York Times]

Landmark Child Nutrition Bill Clears Senate‎. The Senate unanimously approved child nutrition reauthorization [last week], a big step forward for a bill fighting for time amidst a busy legislative agenda. [Food Safety News]

U.S. Official: Poor Nations Must Learn to Grow Food. Governments and aid organizations must help the world's hungry develop sustainable agriculture systems so that they can feed themselves ... [Associated Press]

Private Growth is Tepid as U.S. Economy Sheds Jobs Overall. With the departure of thousands of temporary Census workers and thousands more let go by state and local governments, businesses could not rescue the American labor market in July. [The New York Times]

Pres. Obama Announces Nominees for Two USAID Leadership Posts. Donald Steinberg has been tapped as USAID deputy administrator and Nancy Lindborg as assistant administrator for the USAID Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Affairs Bureau. [Kaiser Family Foundation]

Senate Approves $600 Million in Emergency Border Security Funds‎. The U.S. Senate approved $600 million in emergency funding to help secure the U.S.-Mexican border. [CNN]


Wheat Price Jump Revives Concern Over Food Crisis. The world may face another food crisis if the surge in wheat sparked by Russia’s export ban drives the prices of other staples higher … [Bloomberg]

Analysis: Food Squeeze Next Worry for Emerging Markets‎. A food price crisis may be the next stumbling block for emerging economies … [Reuters]

Initiative Aims to Improve Africa's Food Security . Improving Maize for
African Soils (Imas) aims to improve food security and the livelihoods of people across Africa by developing
better maize varieties that can thrive on the little fertiliser being used on the continent’s farms. [Creamer Media's Engineering News]

Climate Change

Coal: The Cheap, Dirty and Direct Route to Irreversible Climate Change. The global dominance of industrial interests dependant on cheap energy sourced from coal mean climate change is inevitable. [The Guardian]

A New Look at Dry Areas. Countries in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere, with vast dry tracts threatened by increasingly frequent droughts as the climate becomes more capricious, will have to rethink food production. [IRIN]

U.S. Envoy: Climate Talks Slipping Backward. Global climate talks appear to have slipped backward after five days of negotiations in Bonn, the chief U.S. delegate said Friday, adding that some countries were reneging on promises they made last year to cut greenhouse gas emissions. [The Associated Press]

A Grim Future for Tropical Forests. A new study reveals that continued deforestation and logging, coupled with the effects of global warming, will devastate precious tropical environments and the plants and animals that live there by the end of the century. [Discovery News]


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