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Top Hunger News: Floods Continue to Devastate Pakistan


Aid Agencies Accuse the World of Ignoring Pakistan's Desperate Cries. Yesterday, Pakistan's Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said 20 million people had been affected - around seven million of them children - and more than 300,000 homes wiped out. [The Daily Mirror]

Asia: Signs of Hope for Higher Rice Yields. Scientists at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) report signs of progress in their efforts to enhance rice's photosynthetic efficiency to boost yields. If successful, global yields could rise by as much as 50 percent, avoiding potential rice shortages, or even future famines, specialists say. [IRIN]

Video: Plan International in Haiti. From Plan International, this video explains the charities effort in Haiti. Plan remains in the country to help with education and the health of Haitian children. [Poverty News Blog]

UNICEF: Looking for Pockets of Poverty Hidden by Statistics. William Anthony Kirsopp Lake, the new executive director of UNICEF, fears many of the world's children can disappear in a haze of statistics, making progress on paper while neglect, abuse or impoverishment go undetected. [The Huffington Post]


Solving the World's Hunger and Obesity Crises Together. As an anti-hunger advocate, I found the perplexity of the obesity problem and the hunger problem existing side-by-side in our increasingly global food system begged further investigation. [CNN Opinion]

Congress Leaves Kids Hungry in Order to Feed Them. If passed, it will be the second time this summer that Congress has funneled money out of the food stamp program to pay for other supports that struggling families rely on everyday. [Color Lines]


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