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Top Hunger News: Food Stamps Cut to Pay for Teacher Jobs Bill


Food Stamps Slashed to Pay for Teacher Jobs Bill‎. To pay for the bill … they are accelerating the scale-back of food stamp payments—at a time when a record number of Americans are relying on food stamps. [CBS News]

U.S. Aid Winning Friends in Flood-Ravaged Pakistan. U.S. Army choppers carrying emergency food and water buzzed over the swollen river and washed-out bridges, landing in the valley once controlled by the Taliban. [Associated Press]

Solving the World's Hunger and Obesity Crises Together. O[]besity and hunger look like two sides of the same core problem ... [CNN]

'Tea party' Groups Plan Arizona Rally against Illegal Immigration. "Tea party" groups are planning a large rally on Sunday in Arizona, near the Mexican border … [The Washington Post]

Climate Change/Environment

Russian Fires Prompt Kremlin to Abruptly Embrace Climate Change. Russia's ongoing heat wave, along with its disastrous fallout, may have finally persuaded the Kremlin to combat climate change. [Christian Science Monitor]

When the Smoke Clears in Russia, Will Climate Policy Change?‎ As temperatures in Russia climb to historic highs, parching crops and igniting large tracts of forest and peatland, analysts are watching to see if these conditions heat up the country's climate change policies. [The New York Times]

Climate Change ‘Will Increase Heart Deaths.’ Many more people will die of heart problems as global warming continues … [BBC News]

Pakistan Floods Shows Threat from Warmer World. Floods that have devastated Pakistan could be a sign of the future as climate change brings greater extremes of weather to the region.  [Reuters]


U.N. Food Agencies Say Zimbabwe Makes Strides in Food Security; Some Shortfall. A joint report … says food security has improved in Zimbabwe—but some 1.68 million people in the country will need food aid through March 2011. [Voice of America]

World Bank Urges Nations to Avoid Food Export Bans‎. The World Bank urged countries to refrain from imposing policies that could trigger a new global food price crisis … [Reuters]

Grain Price Rise May Fuel Mideast, Europe Unrest. Rising grain prices from Russia's drought and fires will pressure populations already hit by the financial crisis and could stoke unrest—particularly in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe. [Reuters]

East Africa: Rain, Cross-border Trade Boost Food Security. Food security, a persistent challenge in East Africa, has gradually improved following increased rainfall recorded last year. [AllAfrica.com]


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