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Top Hunger News: School Lunch Update


Budget Cuts, Economy Affected Summer Meals Programs. Budget cuts for transportation and a scaling-back of summer school led to fewer children getting free lunches this summer in at least one school district, while economic pressures on families in other locations drove up participation in free or reduced-price meals programs elsewhere. [Education Week]

Food Sunday: Where Are We With School Lunch Reform. Recently, the Senate unanimously passed the Child Nutrition Reauthorization, a bill that would do just about everything to improve the school lunch program – except fund it. [The Seminal]

Food Stamps for Broadband Would Bring Slow 'Net to the Poor. The idea is to give low-income Americans a broadband voucher that they could use to order a "minimum broadband package," with "minimum" in this case meaning "enough 'bytes' to surf the Web and send e-mails to family members." [ARS Technica]


50 Years After Independence, Congo Mired in Poverty. Some 70 percent of the 3.6 million population live below the poverty line even after seven years of peace and recent double digit economic expansion. [AFP]

Niger: A Crisis, Not (Yet) a Catastrophe. Although Niger is facing a severe food crisis, early large-scale responses have so far helped prevent a rapid deterioration in the nutritional state of children. [IRIN]

Climate Change/Environment

Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In Pakistan there are drowned homes and millions of lives set adrift by floods, in Russia wheat crops have been shriveled by drought and devoured by fire. Some scientists think the floods and the fires could be linked. [IRIN]


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