Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Top Hunger News: Senate to Cut Food Stamp Benefits


Senate Cutting Food Stamps to Pay for Medicaid and Teacher Funding. It's the Sophie's choice of budget decisions: Should we cut Medicaid? Fire teachers? Or slash food stamps? [The Washington Post]

Help End Child Hunger in U.S. School food systems are one of the few ways we have to provide good nutrition to all of our kids. [TimesUnion.com]

More Health Woes for Hungry Kids. Children and youth who experience hunger appear more likely to have health problems, and repeated episodes of hunger may be particularly toxic, according to a report in Archives of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. [Health24.com]

Fuel To Fight World Hunger. Researchers are joining the fight against world hunger by tapping into a local renewable resource. [Keloland.com]


The Price of Bread Could Rocket. Wheat prices have doubled in the last two months, notching up the fastest food price rise an economist said he said seen in the last 20 years. [IRIN]

U.S. Government Pledges $95M to Fight Hunger. Two U.S.-funded programs signed agreements with the Government of Bangladesh on August 3 as part of a newly expanded effort to reduce hunger and improve nutrition in Bangladesh. [The Weekly Blitz]

Poverty is About More Than Money. The new Multidimensional Poverty Index is an important tool for understanding the many savage ways of the beast [The Guardian]

Asian Ministers Fret Over Millennium Goals. Ministers from Asian countries expressed "grave concern" Wednesday about persistent high levels of infant and maternal mortality and pledged to reinvigorate efforts to achieve UN development goals. [Mysinchew.com]


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