Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

A Bible-Based Spiritual Stimulus Plan

Cureton Johnson once worked in Bread for the World's communications department and helped lead Bread’s effort to mobilize emergency U.S. aid to Ethiopia during a developing food crisis in 1983. Bread founder Art Simon describes Cureton’s work in his book, The Rising of Bread for the World:

In 1983, we began getting reports of a serious food shortage in Ethiopia, which was gradually turning into a catastrophic regional famine, so we began to campaign for emergency U.S. aid. We got there well ahead of the national media, which had not yet given coverage to the famine. In addition to alerting members, we convened a national one-day summit on the African crisis that drew representatives from forty-seven church-related agencies.

We later did a media blitz in 30 cities, led by our media specialist Cureton Johnson. The public response to those efforts prompted Congress and the administration to move more quickly with increased U.S. assistance.

Cureton recently published a new book, Bible-based Spiritual Stimulus Plan, which the publisher describes as a “virtual ‘revival in a book,’ offering a prophetic voice of encouragement to all living in this breathtaking world of change! Its 12 key scriptural stimuli help fashion readers into God's masterpieces for good in society.” 


A few examples of Cureton’s spiritual stimuli:

  • Alligator Courage: The author, in a small boat on a storm-tossed river containing alligators (caimans) in Guyana, shows us the power of Psalm 121.
  • Your Holy DNA: Tap into your holy DNA, which carries wonderful spiritual resources. Old things pass away and, behold, you become new creations in Christ Jesus!
  • Joy—A Yummy Recipe: Discover how a pineapple-upside-down-cake can change your life! "Taste and see that the Lord is good" every day (Psalm 34).
  • Spiritual Blind Dates: You never know when God will put you in a particular place, at a particular time, with a particular person, for a particular reason. Get ready to walk through doors of opportunity! God used a dog on Dr. Johnson.
  • Kindness/Vitamin K: Kindness produces ripple effects of good works, like a stone thrown into a lake makes ripples on the water. Kindness is a doorway into the kingdom of God. Find out how a young girl in Scripture is a perfect example for us to use this gracious gift.

North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson, Howard University School of Divinity Dean Alton Pollard, and others have endorsed the book. So has Bread regional organizer Larry Hollar, editor of the Hunger for the Word Scripture series. “Cureton Johnson's wise, Bible-based reflections challenge us to be prophets of a new time—especially for those on the margins of society.”

Cureton has pastored First Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC, for 19 years. He holds a doctor of ministry degree from Drew University and master’s degrees from Shaw Divinity School and American University.

He describes how the book came about:

In 2006, I attended my first writer's conference in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. I had been writing most of my baby-boomer life and I decided to write a book. Armed with paper and a laptop, I spent a week in training sessions and writing. After a week, I returned home and wrote for several days, but a clear purpose for the book eluded me. So I stopped.

Three years later, while observing a beautiful sunrise over a NC beach, God instructed me to write this book and return to the mountains for another writer's conference. From there, the Lord poured out the Holy Spirit upon me, set me to writing, and endowed me with wisdom from on high. There was a good reason for the delay; I had to know that God was in charge and crafting the book. It would not be completed by human might but by the Creator's power and for his glory.



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