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Marie-Ange's Story of Hope

Just two years ago, Marie-Ange Lory lived in a shack that people mistook for an animal coop. The roof leaked so badly during rainfalls that she and her three kids had to cover their heads with plastic bags.

Now she’s flourishing. With the help of Fonkoze, a microfinance organization that receives support from the U.S. government and U.S. churches—many of them Bread partners—Marie-Ange is beginning her own business.


“My life has turned around. Now I have a house where no water comes in—it’s got a cement floor—and my kids are going to school. I have five goats and 25 chickens. I’m moving forward.”

I met Marie-Ange in October when I visited Mirebalais, Haiti, to gather stories for Bread for the World. Her story is one example of the life-changing differences made possible by U.S. foreign aid, and a joyous reminder of the impact Bread for the World supporters have in the lives of women, children, and families struggling in poverty.  Your support makes transformations like Marie-Ange’s possible. 

For months, Marie-Ange attended meetings at Fonkoze twice a week. Case managers taught her everything from caring for livestock to setting personal and professional goals. She’s also learned about nutrition, how to identify when her kids are sick, and the importance of drinking safe water. 

This month, Marie-Ange will graduate from the program and begin the process of starting her own business. Marie-Ange’s experience is a testament to the fact that U.S. foreign aid can make a huge difference in people’s lives—especially in countries like Haiti. 

Thanks to the hard work of Bread for the World advocates like you, the United States has made great strides in its delivery of foreign aid over the past few years. But there is much more we can do, and you can rely on Bread for the World to continue our work until hunger is truly defeated.

This Christmas season, you and I can help ensure that women like Marie-Ange have the tools they need to transform their lives and free their families from hunger and poverty. 

Make your year-end gift today, and support our work to end hunger.

Thank you for standing with us.

- Laura Elizabeth Pohl
Multimedia Manager, Bread for the World 


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Great story and so nice to hear stories about good things happening in Haiti, not just the usual bad news. This shows that it is possible to eradicate poverty in rural Haiti. Thanks!

Thank you for the good work done for the people of the world. Bravo!! Bread for the World should continue this way more so by supporting the disadvantaged to learn how to come out of the problem.

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