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The jobless and the millionaires: La Opinion

Yesterday’s La Opinion newspaper in Los Angeles published an editorial on tax policy and commented on the role of EITC, the Child Tax Credit and unemployment benefits as outlined in the proposals being debated in Congress and in the Whitehouse.  

The editorial, The jobless and the millionaires, makes the case that low-income people and struggling families deserve different consideration than millionaires in that the stakes are much greater for the later.  The editorial reminds us that when we treat them alike, wealth gives the advantage to the millionaire regardless of our intentions.

The deal leaves a bitter aftertaste of injustice, since it mixes up the unemployed and the millionaires. At a time when the government’s expenses should be measured and restricted, one’s ability to survive depends on the other one keeping up his or her luxurious lifestyle by paying fewer taxes. Both parties, Republicans and Democrats, look after their electorate. Unfortunately, in this negotiation—which puts millionaires and the jobless on equal terms—the inflexibility that seeks to benefit the wealthiest is already winning the game.

Read the editorial in Spanish or English on La Opinion's web site.


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As the late Howard Zinn, noted author and WW II veteran, pointed out, "if the U.S. government can give several hundred billion dollars in contracts to corporations to build weapons why can it not give that valuable money to public service corporation whose contracts will required them to employ people and distribute food to the hungry?

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