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Hunger in the News: Food Prices Could Reach 2008 Levels


Food Prices Could Reach 2008 Level: USDA. U.S. consumers could see food costs spiking to levels seen during the food crisis of 2008, as higher commodity and energy prices force companies to raise prices on products lining grocery store shelves, the Agriculture Department said. [Reuters]

USAID Releases Billions for Treatment of TB and AIDS. USAID has released money to fund HIV and tuberculosis projects in Nairobi and the Coast region for the next five years. [AllAfrica.com]

USAID Tied to Spread of HIV-Specific Criminalization in Africa. The sudden up-tick in HIV-specific laws in African countries has been tied directly to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). [The Michigan Messenger]


Child Poverty Increasing in Illinois. The percentage of kids living below the federal poverty line in the state is up—from 17 percent to nearly 19 percent between 2008 and 2009, reaching 590,000 kids by the end of that year. [Progress Illinois]

Climate Change

U.S. Says a Binding Climate Deal ‘Not on Cards’ This Year. A legally binding accord to combat climate change “is not on the cards” at a December summit, because developing countries such as China, Brazil and India won’t commit to it, according to U.S. negotiator Todd Stern. [Bloomberg]


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