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Dig Deeper with ‘Exodus’ Study Guide

Exodus From Hunger blog On a long train ride out to Montana for field work, I read David Beckmann’s new book, Exodus from Hunger: We Are Called to Change the Politics of Hunger. I underlined so many passages and the margins are so filled with “yes!” that I don’t think I could ever lend my copy. The book is a roadmap to end hunger with the very foundation being our relationship with God. I was so inspired by the stories of everyday people who helped create huge changes with small acts of living out their faith.

Beckmann, Bread’s president, situates the work of ending hunger and poverty as an opening to allow God to work in our lives. “God did not send Moses to Pharaoh’s court to take up a collection of canned goods and blankets,” he writes. “God sent Moses to Pharaoh with a political challenge: To let the Hebrew slaves go free.”

I was so inspired by the book that when I finally landed in Kalispell, Montana, and gave my presentation at Northridge Lutheran Church, I was filled with excitement about what is possible when we let God work in those spaces. Pastor Dan called me yesterday and said they sold 25 copies of the book since then to their church members, and now I’m excited to tell him about the new study guide!

The guide’s three sessions provide a great opportunity for small groups to really dig deeper into what living out our faith means—both as individuals and as the body of Christ. Digging through the great discussion questions together may open up new spaces where we allow God to work through us and our community.

Robin Stephenson is the field organizer for Bread for the World’s Western regional office.


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I read the book but I must say that it really made me think.
So many problems, so little time to solve

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