Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Choosing to Fast: Lenten Devotions

Monday, March 28

GlassOfWater_geodc David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World and World Food Prize laureate, starts a one-week, water-only fast today in response to the budget debate that’s dominating Congress.

He, Tony Hall—executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger—and many of Bread’s partners plan to form a circle of protection around programs that meet the needs of hungry and poor people here in America and around the world—programs that new budget proposals threaten to cut in order to reduce the federal deficit.

More than 250 Bread members will also fast during this period.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline mentioned frequently in the Bible and upheld in the church for two millennia. In Scripture, it is mentioned in conjunction with prayer; when the faithful make requests to God, fasting is often involved. Fasting can help draw us closer to God, understand God’s provision in our lives, and grow in awareness of our (often unhealthy) attachment to food and other things. You can find more information about the spiritual basis of fasting in this guide.

We invite you to fast from one or more meals today. You may choose to continue fasting on a regular basis throughout Lent or just for a week, starting today. As you fast, consider the struggle of those who fast out of necessity—because no food is available to them.

Zach Schmidt is Central Midwest field organizer with Bread for the World.

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In the Vedic religious tradition, Patanjali's Yoga sutras teach techniques that empower one to never eat. I think it would be an amazing accomplishment if we could cultivate several of us with this ability to call sustained attention to food and water shortages that are causing so much civil unrest, putting souls in jeopardy. The east Indian guru Swami Nithyananda is working to cultivate such abilities in people. Please Google him, and disregard any negative press arising out of persecution of this religious minority. I'm also in the midst of a liquid-only diet for spiritual reasons. Thank you, David Beckmann, for your sacrifice.

The government is causing job loss with free trade, outsourcing of jobs, and work visas. Many companies will not even interview an American citizen if they have the choice of hiring a foreigner with a work visa for a fraction of the cost.

Thank you, Dana, for your words and insight into the Vedic tradition!

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