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Time for Reconciliation: Lenten Devotions

Wednesday, March 30

In “Fasting: A Spiritually and Socially Transforming Practice,” Rev. Noelle Damico writes:

“There are a variety of ‘purposes’ for fasting, but a central purpose is that of reconciliation—to God and to one’s neighbor. From the practice of fasting we should be able to see God’s vision for our world more clearly and become determined to live with integrity. Fasting helps us identify the grave injustices around us, acknowledge and take responsibility for our participation and complicity in such injustice, and prepares us to act with God to transform ourselves and our world.”

We invite you to prayerfully consider fasting as one response to the social illnesses of our times. Where is God calling us—individually and collectively—to address human suffering?

If you’re considering a fast, please visit Bread’s website for more information, including spiritual resources. If you are already fasting, we’d love to hear about your experience so far—please share your reflections by commenting below.


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Thank you for your post! I found this page because I was looking for a book called "Second Calling" and "A Skeptics Guide to Global Poverty." I heard the author speaking on a program called "Significant Living" on TLN! One click led to another and here I am.

This is the third day of a three-day fast for me. I felt an overwhelming need to become closer to God, as I have recently faced some new challenges and I felt this was one way to seek his presence and direction. My teenage daughter questioned my fast, and I found it difficult to help her to understand. Shortly after our conversation, I found this site and I was able to share it with her and find new insight to something very heavy on my heart. I love how God orders our steps! Again, thank you for your post!

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