Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Have All Been Served? Lenten Devotions

Monday, April 18

At the close of celebrating the Lord’s Supper, a simple question: “Have all been served?”

In a larger sense, this is the question we maintain must be asked during this challenging budget and deficit debate.

By now, tens of thousands have joined the praying and fasting in the hunger fast campaign to provide a “circle of protection” around vulnerable people. We pray and fast to God, continually asking the question—on a global scale—“have all been served?”

It was my privilege to attend the March 28, 2011, press conference where this campaign was announced. Since then, I have been on a “third meal” fast, speaking, preaching, song-leading, and facilitating Offerings of Letters in a variety of congregations.

In these events I excitedly assist people of all ages as they awaken to their vocation and a new/renewed sense of advocacy. This awakening comes about by the simple, worshipful act of writing a letter to their elected official(s).

The similarity of the words “vocation” and “advocacy”—and their common Latin root of vocare or “calling”—is striking. It is simply not enough to be called. The fullness of our calling comes when we speak/act/sing/write/express our calling on behalf of others.

This is advocacy. Speaking on behalf of others. Asking if all have been served, if all have received what they need. In a world of abundance, all should have access to what they need.

During 2010, with the assistance of Bread for the World Institute and thousands of individuals and groups around the world, I produced ...until all are fed, an independent project of music for worship with the topic of hunger and hunger action. The title track is my way of singing an answer to the question, “Have all been served?”

verse 3:
How can we stand by/And fail to be aghast?
How long 'til we do what's right?
How could we stand by/And choose a lesser fast?
How long 'til we see the light?

Until all are fed we cry out./Until all on earth have bread.
Like the One who loves us each & every one.../We serve until all are fed.

We serve because we have been served AND because we are sent to serve.

This is our fast.
This is our prayer.
This is our calling.
This is our vocation.
This is our advocacy.

Bread for the World member Rev. Bryan McFarland is a PCUSA Hunger Action Advocate in North Carolina and an independent singer, songwriter, and producer.


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