Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Empowered Ethiopian Women Work on Water Issues

Water and weather are two critical factors in ending hunger. One in six people have no access to safe water, and changing climate patterns mean shorter growing seasons in some parts of the world and floods in others.

Drought is the problem in southern Ethiopia. Women there often suffer the most when climate change leads to unpredictable rainfall and weather patterns: They are the caretakers of both children and cattle, and so they're acutely attuned to a lack of food or water. Through a partnership with a local organization, these women are sharing their knowledge to help pinpoint when droughts are happening. Then they take action.

"Sitting idle is good for nothing. It does not sustain or change your life," said Kalicha Chachu, a community elder. "So we rehabilitate ponds. We are also clearing invasive bushes and preparing rangeland."


Do you like this story and want to see more? Then you're in luck. This is the first in a weekly series of videos Bread for the World will be featuring from ViewChange, a nonprofit that connects people to short films about global development and the resources to take action. (We had one of our immigration videos featured on the website.)

We'll be showcasing some amazing stories and also letting you know how they connect to Bread for the World's work on hunger and poverty issues. We believe powerful stories can compel people to action. So watch the blog every Wednesday for the latest video. We hope you'll be educated and inspired by what you see.


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