Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Anti-Hunger Leaders Meet With President Obama on Hunger Programs in the Budget

Christian leaders met in Bread for the World's office before heading to the White House

Bread for the World President David Beckmann and other Christian leaders had a chance to bring our Circle of Protection message in person to President Obama today. Since the budget debates began several months ago, we have been urging Congress and the president to form a circle of protection around federal programs that help poor and hungry people. The president endorsed this message today.

Bus sign

Making sure everyone is on the bus

Walking to the White House


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Great to see Anti-Hunger Leaders meeting with the President on Hunger Programs in the Budget

I am very thankful as a BFW member to read this. In 1974 I was in the W'IC program(as a middle class white) while my husband attended the school of world missions. It is a great program, beautifully monitored and the 20. additional food helped my infant,myself as a nursing mother and we had a Pediatrian of quality. This was for a monthis income.
I have lived ten years in East Africa and know that a bit of a boost can make differences in lives; my friend Hannah a hard working farmer supported large family with seeds only. And a single cow's milk.
I am very thankful for the Circle and believe deeply that only as we have God's values to care for the poor , to help the widow(that is myself with 4 children) the orphan and aliens will we survive as a country.

A light in the darkness - I love this!

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