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Video: What is Bread for the World Doing About the Horn of Africa?

One of our own, Faustine Wabwire, foreign affairs policy analyst at Bread for the World Institute, appeared on Voice of America in Focus to talk about the famine in the Horn of Africa, and how Bread for the World constituents can impact this crisis. In particular, Wabwire explains the importance of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which is happening in New York City from Tuesday, September 13 to Thursday, September 22:

We are hoping that the meeting of the UN Generally Assembly in New York this week can create more attention that we focus on protecting poverty-focused development assistance because these few dollars have been proven to make an impact in the lives of vulnerable people around the world.

We are participating in some of the policy meetings in the UN General Assembly. We are focusing very specifically on maternal and child nutrition. As we know, Somalia has one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world, so it’s very important for us to protect these programs that can [enable] us to address malnutrition, because we know malnutrition causes lifelong negative developmental consequences.

Watch the video of Faustine Wabwire above and share your own thoughts in the comments section below.


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It seems the 'free market' could provide food to all of the people on earth provided the individuals have a sustaining income equal to the costs of living. Private business such as grocery stores cannot open in those locations unless the people have the money to pay the costs of doing business.

Free Market business does not need charity nor government supervision: entrepreneurs operate best in a free market that practices open competition free of chain stores and other (monopoly or greed).

A treasury without borders does not interfere in national identity: We actually need a global lifetime guaranteed income equal to the cost of living as proven by the cost of necessity, life lines of support included: We also need the right to equal time at work for at least two times the cost of living: Doubled, the cost of living – the individual income would be sufficient to purchase the product entitlements. The Utility or ALL Rights to life supports needs to be given.

We all want to see that every adult has a home to live in free of rents and other egregious finance methods that are actually causing the failure of money to distribute for the equality with equity balance.

Best Regards,
Byron R. Bowen

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