Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger QOTD: Rick Steves

Esther Aurelisa holds a sheep. Esther's family raise sheep, corn, malanga, yucca and banana on their farm in Nicaragua. Photo by Richard Leonardi.

"After traveling the world, you come home recognizing that Americans are good people with big hearts. We are compassionate and kind, and operate with the best of intentions. But as citizens of a giant, powerful nation--isolated from the rest of the world by geography, as much as by our wealth--it can be challenging for many Americans to understand that poverty across the sea is as real as poverty across the street. We struggle to grasp tht huge gap between the wealthy and the poor. While it may be human nature to choose ignorance when it comes to this reality, it's better character to reckon with it honestly."

--Rick Steves, Travel as Political Act


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