Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger Resources: Smarter Farming. MDG Report Card. Nourishing Latino Children.

Bread for the World Librarian Chris Matthews curates a list of resources for readers who want to stay on top of the latest information about hunger.

In this next installment of hunger resources, I've gathered a collection of articles on the connection between agriculture and food resources, and how aid enables global development. Got any hunger resources of your own? Share them in the comments section below:

  • Special Food Issue, (The Nation):
    Michael Pollan, Michelle Chen, Frances Moore Lappe, Eric Schlosser, Raj Patel, Bridget Haber, Daniel Imhoff, and others write about the food movement, why hunger is still with us, the inner workings of the Farm Bill, and more.
  • A Push to Farm Smarter -- Not Bigger -- to Feed the World's Hungry, (The Christian Science Monitor): 
    "For more than 30 years, Porfirio Bastida never considered changing the way he farms his 1.2 acre cornfield in Texcoco, in the central Mexican highlands .... So he joined forces with a nearby research institute called the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). It helped him switch from the practices he'd employed his whole life to conservation-agriculture techniques: rotating crops, not tilling, leaving residue from the previous harvest to act as a sponge atop the land."
  • Bringing Agriculture to the Table, (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs):
    "The agriculture and food system plays a significant role in the illness and early death that arise out of the imbalanced diets, empty calories, and overconsumption that are rampant in high- and middle-income countries and increasingly apparent in the nutrition and epidemiological transitions under way in developing countries."
  • Millenium Development Goals Progress Index 2011, (Center for Global Development):
    "Last year, as international attention focused on the Millennium Development Goals, the international community committed to redouble efforts toward achieving the highly ambitious MDG targets by the 2015 deadline. CGD’s MDG Progress Index showed how countries were doing. Now, with new data for 2009 and 2010, the Index has been updated."
  • Comer Bien: The Challenges of Nourishing Latino Children and Families, (National Council of La Raza):
    "Millions of American children are suffering from hunger or obesity, nutritional deficits that place them at great risk for developing health conditions that plague them into adulthood ... Latinos' -- the fastest-growing segment of the child population -- have some of the highest rates of child obesity; nearly 40 percent of Latino children are overweight or obese."
  • From Aid to Global Development Cooperation, (Brookings):
    "The context for aid is changing. Globalization has spurred economic convergence, upending the 20th-century economic balance and creating a smaller world where both problems and solutions spill across national borders more readily."

+Click here for a full list of what we're reading at Bread for the World.

Chris Matthews is the librarian at Bread for the World Institute.


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I appreciate this excellent selection of articles. I especially liked "The push to farm smarter, not bigger." Thanks for keeping these available for us. Marti Matthews, Oak Park IL

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