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A Day in the Life of Homeless Families Living in Cars

Screenshot from "Hard Times Generation," 60 Minutes.

In a moving “60 Minutes” segment aired last night, correspondent Scott Pelley  interviews several homeless families in Florida who have been hit hard by a struggling economy. With sustained high unemployment rates, and the state's suffering construction industry, many of these families have lost their homes and are now living in their cars.

Pelley reported that of all the families without shelter in America, one-third are in Florida. Pelley introduces viewers to one of these families – the Metzger’s -- who have been living in their truck for more than five months. Arielle Metzger is 15 years old, and her brother, Austin, is just 13. They live with their father, Tom, who is a carpenter and unable to find work. The kids get ready for school in various gas stations, and store their food -- only canned -- in a plastic bin in their truck. At the end of each day, Tom searches for a safe spot to park their truck for the night.

More than 16 million kids live in poverty in America. If you think that number is too high, as I do, then I encourage you to watch this revealing report of what these children in poverty are experiencing every day of their young lives—sleeping in fear, brushing their teeth in gas stations, worrying about their parents' safety, and dreaming of a day when they can sleep in a home of their own.

Jeannie-choiJeannie Choi is associate editor at Bread for the World.



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Poor Metzger’s family i feel sad for them. As like them in the whole world there are so many people are living without home they don't have even car or truck. The interview was nice to showing the condition of public to our respected government...

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