Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Rick Steves: I'm Speaking Out for Poor People. Will You Join Me?

Travel show host Rick Steves in Ireland. (Photo courtesy of Rick Steves)

I believe that the mark of a civilized society is how it cares for its needy, its homeless, and its hungry people. I also believe that there's enough wealth in our society to foster culture, steward our environment, and strive for the ideal that all of our children — regardless of the economic class of their parents — are equally entitled to quality education and health care.

And I believe that while we are a compassionate and caring people, a false austerity is being imposed upon all of us, and we do not need to accept it.

In my travels I've learned that even if you're motivated only by greed, if you know what's good for you, you don't want to be filthy rich in a desperately poor society. It's just not a pretty picture.

As a caring citizen of the United States and as a Christian who believes it is Christ-like to stand up for poor people and pound swords into plowshares, I'll be joining my friends from Bread for the World tomorrow at noon to bring this message to Super Committee co-chair Patty Murray. Will you join me?

We'll be gathering outside Sen. Murray's offices in Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver simultaneously at noon (I'll be in Seattle).

If you don't live in Washington state, don't worry. Events like this are happening in cities and towns across America as part of a national day of action sponsored by Sojourners and Bread for the World.  You can also call your members of Congress at 1-800-326-4941.   

Thank you for all the good work you do, and I hope you will stand with us tomorrow. 

Rick-stevesRick Steves (www.ricksteves.com) writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio. Email him at rick@ricksteves.com, or write to him c/o P.O. Box 2009, Edmonds, WA 98020.


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Your such a generous man and really have a genuine heart for the poor people. I would love to join you in this venture.

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