Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

The Food for All Summit: One Day to Nourish the World


If you leave the Bread Blog to read mainstream news, you might not know that the worst famine of the 21st century is still raging in the Horn of Africa.

Famine is human-made.

A drought in Texas can be a terrible natural disaster, but people manage to get through it with minimal loss of human life. For many Kenyans and Ethiopians the current drought is also more manageable than past droughts, due to great work over the past decade in both countries on agriculture and water. Both Kenya and Ethiopia have been able to help many of their citizens become more resilient to drought and less vulnerable. They have notably extended their resources to help more vulnerable refugees from other neighboring countries, such as Somalia.

Some of this increased resiliency has been due to the advocacy of Bread for the World and others for development funding that is helping many of the poorest people in the world. This development funding helps the poorest people gain access to agricultural systems and water -- which makes a big difference.

The underlying cause of the human vulnerability that turns a difficult drought into a life-threatening famine is extreme poverty. It can be caused by war, bad global agricultural trade policies, lack of agricultural productivity, or lack of opportunity to earn enough income to buy food.

The Virtual End Famine Action Summit will be a free summit on Nov. 30, soon open for registration at the Food For All Summit website. The summit will have a variety of excellent speakers, including David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World. The speakers will focus on short and long-term solutions for the poorest people to become more resilient.

Please join us to learn more, ask your questions, and share your insight with others. You will have a chance to learn, advocate, donate, and take action at this summit. Together we can help end famine in our world.

Thomas C. Coleman is president and CEO of the Bottom Billion Fund.


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