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World AIDS Day Links Round Up

111201-worldaidsdayroundupToday is World AIDS day. Started in 1988, December 1 is set aside each year to support those living with HIV/AIDS, to commemorate those who have died from the disease, and to advocate for a cure.  This morning, the ONE campaign gathered a group of advocates and luminaries for a live webcast event called, "The Beginning of the End of AIDS." At this event, President Barack Obama pledged continued support for the prevention and treatment of this disease. "We've come so far, and we've saved so many lives. We might as well finish the fight," President Obama said.

Below is a round up of links from around the Web on the best content for World AIDS day. Feel free to share your own contributions to this list below:

"The anger came from the nurses, who knew there really was a treatment — just not for poor people in poor countries. They saw the absurdity in the fact that an accident of geography would deny their patients the two little pills a day that could save their lives."

"President Barack Obama is renewing the U.S. commitment to ending HIV and Aids, setting goals for getting more people access to life-saving Aids drugs and boosting spending on treatment of the virus in the U.S. by $50 million dollars."

"In the past two decades, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has killed more than 25 million people, making it one of the most devastating epidemics in our recorded history."

"Today is the day when people around the world recognize our common daily work (which is—in a country where most families include someone living with HIV—our daily life). It is my eighth World AIDS Day in Mozambique, and I sense that in addition to being older and wiser, we're also all getting a bit tired."

"In observance of World AIDS Day, U.S. Rep. Karen Bass will participate in a 24-hour “tweet-blast” to engage and inform the public about the effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic around the world. Every hour throughout the day, Bass will tweet useful facts about HIV and AIDS, and communicate ways people can become involved in the fight to end HIV and AIDS in their communities." (press release)

Jeannie-choiJeannie Choi is associate editor at Bread for the World.



Photo by Flickr user ginnerobot.


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