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Calling all Poets: Enter our 2012 Haiku Contest!

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We will be holding our first-ever 2012 Offering of Letters haiku contest in celebration of our 2012 Offering of Letters campaign! If you have a penchant for writing pithy haikus about ending hunger, then you may have a chance to win. (Don't know how to write a haiku? Here are some simple instructions.)

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Your haiku must be based on the stories and other materials for the 2012 Offering of Letters: www.bread.org/ol. Use any of the stories, campaigns, resources, videos, and more to inspire your haiku submission!

2. Your haiku must follow the English adaptation of a Japanese haiku: 5 syllables/7 syllable/5 syllables

3. Words may or may not rhyme.

4. A kigo, or a season word, is not necessary for a haiku in this contest.

5. Submit your haiku as a comment on this blog post, or on our Facebook page.

6. This 2012 Offering of Letters haiku contest ends on Jan. 31, 2012. All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 31, 2012.

7. By participating in this contest, the author grants Bread for the World and its affiliates the right to use the haikus in whatever platform for an unlimited period.

8. The prizes are: First place: a Bread tote bag; Second place: a Bread T-shirt; Third place: one dozen Bread pens.

9. The contest will be judged by Adlai Amor, Bread’s director of communications, who has been called by his literary friends as the “modern Basho” for tweeting (@adlaiamor) and Facebooking in haiku form. He says: “But whenever I post a haiku on Twitter, other friends complain that, at 60-70 characters, it is too short – and they have to think about it.”

Best of luck to all of you! We look forward to reading your submissions.

Have Faith, End Hunger/ Write an Image, Say Something/And Contact Congress. --Adlai Amor


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longitude is passed / synchronized earth lights left on / pittance for the starved

No justice, no peace
Until all hungry are fed;
Bread members act now.

Offering letters,
Circling the poor in love.
Faithfully we write.

Can you hear Hope cry?
Stomachs empty; hearts broken
God waits for us all

Their plates are empty
They have not yet learned
Bread brings love and hope!

Circle and Protect
Defend the Cause of the Poor
Speak by Mail Today

Power hears Hunger's pleas
Through letters from home and church
Faith linked to action.

Listen to our voices
Faithfully captured in ink
Share is all we ask.

Corrected with Haiku format from previous entry:

Their plates are empty
They have not yet seen His Truth
Bread brings love and hope!

Fist full of pennies
Heart holds dreams not yet made flesh
Your help my ladder.

Cries alone in fear
World shattered by poverty
Letters inspire hope

I could go all day
But only if i had to
Many have no choice

Must do more than hope
To change life for the better
Give, help, teach, feed. Please.

Life can be turned into whatever you imagine
You can be a singer or an actor
You have the desire to make something out of it
You have the implements to do anything with your life
But it depends on how you use that device

You can do demiurgic things with your life
You can make your life beneficial for yourself
You have high anticipations that you never thought you can grasp
Time is alternating
It never hinders
It’s not worth being known
Live for the moment

Life can be a masterpiece
Take a new look at life
And think about it
Is the life you are making the way you really want to make it?
Never stop living

The time is today
Sharing is not optional
Let's show them His heart.

What did He tell us?
Love others as I love you.
Bread of life for all.

Letters can break chains
protecting corporations.
Freed hands circle poor.

Your belly is full,
millions are malnourished.
Just think about that.

Saying grace tonight
Forces me to think about
Those who have no food

Letters can break chains
protecting corporations.
Freed hands circle poor.

Fill the in-boxes
of Congress, until members
feel hunger to change.

Pen touches paper
Words move mountains, seed meets earth:
We all rise--like bread.

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