Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Extend Unemployment Benefits: Call Congress Today


If Congress doesn't extend unemployment benefits and the payroll tax cut, current benefits will expire February 29.

Nearly 13 million people are unemployed in our country, and there is only one available job for every four people looking. Congress must extend unemployment insurance, which kept 4.6 million Americans out of poverty in 2010.

But some in Congress have proposed to cut the program. Others want to add harmful barriers that would make it harder for ordinary Americans who lose their jobs to access their unemployment insurance. Some have even proposed paying for extending unemployment benefits by cutting other low-income programs, such as the Child Tax Credit.

Your call this week is critical. Please tell your member of Congress to extend unemployment benefits without cuts and without barriers to benefits.

Use our toll-free number—1-800-326-4941—to call your member of Congress today. If you can't call today, please call no later than Friday, February 10.

This week is critical. Unemployment benefits expire Feb. 29 if they're not extended. Now is the time for people of faith and conscience to take action for poor and hungry people. Call today.

David Beckmann is president of Bread for the World.

+Learn more about poverty in the United States and how you can take action.


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Please Congress Exstend the Unemplyment Benefits. My husband was laid off April of 2011 and is 60 yrs old. He was only on Unemplyment for 7 months. Then only 2 months of Exstended Benefit's. He is having a hard time finding a job. Or we are Homeless at our age. Thank You

fast food jobs are not a sign of improving eononmy. Govenor Rick Perry always talks about how Texas is under the average and how may jobs he created. I can not pay my billls with Mc Donalds money. The problem is these congressman have never had to sruggle one day in their life. How can you know whats best for the middles class if you have never known one.I will agree to not seek unemployment benefits when the top 1% promise to pay their fair share of taxes. The co-founder of FaceBook a under 30 BILLIONAIRE wants to renounce his U S Citizenship to avoid oaying taxes on the money he will make when they go public. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! If we keep voting in rich leaders we only have our self to blame.

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