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Francis in His Time, Franciscan in Our Time

Sister Margaret Mary Kimmins, the catholic church relations liaison at Bread for the World, delivered a reflection at the Franciscan Mission Service for their inaugural Sunday Souposium. Her talk, entitled "Francis in his time, Franciscan in our time," focused on how Christians are called to be in relationship with God:

Several years ago there was a question that was very popular: What would Jesus do? Do you remember that? And it was, "WWJD?" It was all over the place from bumper stickers to bracelets, really.

It's a good question. It's a reminder of Jesus's example of how to act. However, for Francis, Jesus was not only a reminder, an example, a person to be imitated, but a brother, a lord, the Word of God, the revealer of God, and the center of the Spirit.

So the relationship of Francis to Jesus was so real and so intimate that he was called to imitate Jesus not only in what Jesus did, but also in how Jesus lived: humbly, courageously, gently, directing everyone and everything to God. The incarnate Jesus is the extravagant love of God.

Below are three video excerpts of Sister Margaret Mary's talk. Watch, listen, meditate, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.




Learn more about the Franciscan Mission Service.


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These are beautiful reminders of the true source of our being. Thank you for sharing these!

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