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Give Me an 'O'!: Cheering on the Offering of Letters



Our communications team started putting together the materials for this year’s Offering of Letters way back in August, so we’re excited they’re finished and that many of you are starting to use them.

As you know, this year’s Offering of Letters is comprised of an overall campaign and four mini-campaigns. This week, we’re telling you about our overall campaign, including the resources we created to help make this campaign as effective as possible.  

The word “Offering” works as a handy mnemonic device for listing these resources – so check them out!

O  Offering of Letters handbook. Your go-to resource for information about the entire campaign. Remember that our website has the latest information, plus many Web-only resources.

F  Facts. These hunger and poverty facts can help make the case for action. This glossary will also help clear up unfamiliar terms and concepts.

F  Frequently asked questions? Here are some general questions and answers.

E  Endorsements. Find out what church and denominational leaders are saying about this campaign.  

R  Real people. Hear Tara Marks and Rev. Judith VanOsdal talk about why the issues at stake in this campaign are so important. View their stories in video and print form and share them with others.

I  Inserts for your church bulletin can help your church discuss the issues, write letters, and pray.

N  Need more visuals? Our PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of the campaign with photos, pertinent stats, and talking points. All you have to do is advance the slides, but these 10 tips will help you get the most out of this resource. Download the PowerPoint, called “Presenting Bread for the World’s 2012 Offering of Letters.”

G  Get back to us! Tell us how your Offering of Letters went with this feedback form. Your comments help us follow up with members of Congress and also measure the campaign’s impact.

There are lots more resources on our website, including posters, an activity, display board images, an order form for ordering supplies, and a sign-in sheet to use at your Offering of Letters. But your regional organizer is your most important resource, so be sure to call or send them an email if you have questions.

Thanks for your important work on this campaign! We need your voice.

Molly-marshMolly Marsh is managing editor at Bread for the World.



+Learn more about the overall campaign for the 2012 Offering of Letters.

Photo by Flickr user Listen Missy!


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