Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

"Our Job and Our Call"


20111030_ElMilagro_JudithVanOsdol_0342bThe little boy was wearing short sleeves in winter and his lips were turning blue. Pastor Judith VanOsdol was surprised, but not stunned. She knew why he wasn’t wearing a coat: The majority of her congregation at El Milagro Lutheran Church in Minneapolis is poor and food insecure.

“More people than we can realize fall between the cracks or are just under the line and find themselves in situations where they are unable to feed their families and the children,” she said. "When we are in a situation of economic insecurity I think it's easy to blame the most vulnerable. And for some odd reason we look there first to cut."

VanOsdol believes it’s important to advocate on behalf of poor and hungry people so that the federal programs that help them continue to help them. This is why she agreed to be filmed as part of our 2012 Offering of Letters campaign. Each year Bread for the World invites churches and groups across the country to write personal letters and emails to their members of Congress on issues that are important to hungry and poor people. These letters send a powerful message to our country's political leaders and help us as a nation move closer to our goal of ending hunger.

"It is indeed our job and our call to be a part of these processes and decisions and legislations and pieces of legislation," said VanOsdol. "And the persons who make those decisions need to hear from us."

Watch the video below to meet Judith VanOsdol and to learn how contacting our members of Congress is an effective way to advocate for poor and hungry people.

Photo caption: Judith VanOsdol, pastor of El Milagro Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, leads the noon service on Sunday, October 30, 2011. VanOsdol believes in advocating on behalf of hungry and poor people, many of whom make up the majority of her congregation. (Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World)

Laura-pohlLaura Elizabeth Pohl is multimedia manager at Bread for the World. You can follow her on Twitter at @lauraepohl.


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