Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Calling All Activists: Beat Your Drums Loud Enough for Washington to Hear!

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Why should you care about the House proposed budget?

  1.  God’s Vision:  God calls us to speak for the most vulnerable.  God’s vision is a world where all have enough (2 Corinthians 8: 13-15). The House Resolution will increase harm and suffering for the poor and hungry both here and abroad.
  2. God’s work: The Budget Resolution proposes cuts to programs that Bread members have championed over the years and have given people like Heather Turner a hand up on the cycle of prosperity.  Therefore programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit reflect God’s vision. 
  3. Safety Net’s Save: During a time when communities and families are struggling to come back from the harsh economic realities of the great recession, it would be devastating to cut a safety net that has kept millions afloat and stimulated local economies.
  4. Values: If the values carved in this resolution are allowed to stand unchallenged, it sets the priorities for November’s lame duck session and prevents Congress from adequately funding programs for the most vulnerable.  The poor did not create the deficit and should not bear the burden of restoring fiscal responsibility.
  5. Options: Deficits have been reduced in the past with the principle that we can reduce the deficit at the same time we reduce hunger and poverty.  There are other options that better fits God’s vision for God’s world.

It’s a long way off until the budget deadline on October first or more likely after a continuing resolution and the November elections.   Yet waiting until then to speak up may be too late.  The time to get noisy is now.  We need a steady drumbeat of citizen discipleship in the next several months that says a resounding “NO” to cuts of programs that protect hungry and poor people.  You did it last year and literally helped millions.  Start this week with a phone call to your Member of Congress and follow it up by starting a movement in your community that calls for a circle of protection.

Robin-stephensonRobin Stephenson is Western regional organizer at Bread for the World.



+Contact your member of Congress and ask them to oppose the proposed House budget.


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Nice blog... People should speak up for their rights in front of government.

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