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Take Action: Write a Letter to Your U.S. Rep. and Say ‘NO’ to FY2013 Budget

It’s time to write those letters and emails, folks.

We need to tell our U.S. representatives to oppose the proposed FY 2013 budget, to not cut SNAP, and that the deal reached in the Budget Control Act of 2011 should not be broken. The sample letter will change throughout the year as we quickly respond to legislation that is being considered in Congress and ensure our message will be the most relevant and impactful.

If you have an Offering of Letters planned in the next several weeks, please use the following sample letter, which you can download from our website. The sample letter (or email) is a guide; personal letters that connect members of congress to their constituency are always the most influential. The important part is that what we ask them is a consistent and clear message across the nation.

Below is our sample letter. Feel free to use the language below, or to send your own message:

Dear ______,

I ask you to stand up for hungry and poor people in the United States and abroad by opposing the House FY 2013 budget. Rather than support these extreme cuts, I urge you to create a circle of protection around programs vital for hungry and poor people. The budget decisions before Congress are difficult, but we must not balance the budget on the backs of vulnerable people. Programs for hungry and poor people are a lifeline for millions of families.

In 2010, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) lifted 4.4 million people out of poverty. The Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit lifted 9.3 million people out of poverty. Last year, emergency food aid helped 46.5 million poor people.

Over the last decade, foreign assistance programs provided safe drinking water for nearly 1.3 billion people around the world. Time and time again, these programs have proven effective in addressing hunger and helping families move out of poverty. Yet much of the $4.1 trillion in cuts in the House's FY 2013 budget are to programs vital to poor and hungry people, while much of the savings goes to $4.3 trillion in new tax cuts.

The budget slashes SNAP by more than $130 billion, which could kick more than 8 million people off the program. It cuts funding for international programs such as food aid and poverty-focused foreign assistance by another 11 percent for next year, and calls for further cuts that would endanger lives and allow global hunger and poverty to persist.

Our budget choices must not hurt those Jesus called the least among us. As you consider your vote on the House FY 2013 budget, I urge you to form a circle of protection around funding for programs vital to hungry and poor people and oppose this budget.

If you still have questions, call your Regional Organizer, or you can ask your questions in the comments section. As the our campaign moves forward and follows the actions of Congress, we will update you as quickly as possible on this blog with new resources.

Robin-stephensonRobin Stephenson is Western regional organizer for Bread for the World.



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Called my representative John Mica to oppose the House Budget 2013 and not cut the SNAP funds for food stamps that help hungry people. We should not balance the budget on the backs of poor and hungry people.
Take action and write a letter or call your representative.

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