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The Sound of (Media) Silence: USDA Study on Effectiveness of Food Stamps Missing from TV News Coverage

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While several major newspapers covered the USDA's new study on SNAP released April 9 which found "an average decline of 4.4 percent in the prevalence of poverty due to SNAP benefits," major television news programs largely ignored the groundbreaking study. Media Matters, a nonprofit organization that monitors the media for misinformation, found that only one television news network has mentioned the USDA study -- MSNBC.

It is disappointing to know a study that shows the effectiveness of SNAP would be ignored, when so many people living in the aftermath of the recession are avoiding food insecurity through this program. Furthermore, given the political nature of the discussion around SNAP, this study could educate the public about how the program works. The truth is that more than 46 million Americans depend on SNAP to help put food on their tables every day, and many of them are hardworking parents who want to feed their children.

Hopefully, in the future, such significant national news will make it to the airwaves. For now, I encourage you to check out these excellent news articles on SNAP, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and continue to read the Bread Blog for some top-notch content on hunger related news.

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As a SNAP program participant, I fully agree that more should be done to sustain, maintain, & reframe the SNAP benefit system whereas participants in the program do not have to suffer undo hardship as I recently did suffer. I became unemployed in late Oct. approx. the same time I was scheduled for recertification of my SNAP benefits. For a reason that was never explained to me at all my benefits were decreased to an amount that was less than $30 per month, not ever $1.00 a day...tsk. I am single with no dependent children, but I still gotta eat(dont I ?)
My umemployment compensation was from a part-time job. After five months of what became for me
a mandatory task of standing in pantry lines, I was very tired and had also lost 10lbs. Yes, I fully support more attention being given to seniors & also children to ensure their proper nutrition, but hey we single people(women & men also)gotta eat too!

Thank you for your time & consideration,



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