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Church Women United and Bread for the World Sponsor a Mother’s Day Webinar

120508-womenoffaithIn the last year, Bread for the World has partnered with many denominational women’s organizations in the 1,000 Days movement, aimed at improving nutrition for women and children in the 1,000 days between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday. In honor of mother’s day, Church Women United and Bread for the World are co-sponsoring a webinar to teach women (or anyone, really) about the 1,000 Conversations initiative, in which individuals and groups are pledging to have 1,000 conversations in 1,000 days about maternal and child nutrition. (Join our Women of Faith for 1,000 Days Facebook page.)

Improving nutrition in the 1,000-day period between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday is a unique opportunity to shape a healthier, more prosperous future for children. Proper nutrition during this time has a profound and lasting impact on a child’s growth, learning, and eventual economic productivity. Mitigating or overcoming malnutrition in young girls can “break the cycle” so that they enjoy better health and grow into women who have healthier babies.

The webinar will share more information about nutrition, background information on the movement, and how to have conversations with your friends, family, church, and your Senators and Congresspersons. We hope that you will join the webinar on Thursday, May 10 at 7 p.m. (EST) and invite the mothers in your life to join. Register here and we will send you information about how to log in.

Nancy-nealNancy Neal is associate for denominational women's organization relations at Bread for the World.


Photo caption: A Zambian mother and daughter. Photo by Margaret W. Nea.


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