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Pull Out Your Camping Gear and Prepare to Be Inspired at Wild Goose!

Photo by Flickr user Martin Cathrae

From beaches and amusement parks, to barbecues and road trips, the weather is warming up and folks are busy making summer plans. If you haven’t finalized your plans yet, consider adding camping to the list! Next month, Bread for the World will celebrate spirituality, social justice, and art at the second annual Wild Goose Festival, June 21 to 24 in Shakori Hills, NC. Bread President David Beckmann will speak at the event, and several staff will be on hand to share the good word about Christian advocacy with attendees.

Whether you’re an avid camper, a social justice activist, or if you’re just looking for something great to do this summer, the festival is a great opportunity to mingle with an exciting array of speakers, musicians, and artists — as well as several thousand people who are called to create a more just and caring world. The festival aims to unite people under the umbrella of creativity, bridging the political and religious divide that exists in U.S. society. It is open to everyone, and “respectful, but fearless conversation” and action for the common good are strongly encouraged.

During the event, Bread will host a “Concert for Justice” on Friday, June 22, with musicians Bryan McFarland & Jacob's Join, along with members of The Collection and Songs of Water. David Beckmann will speak the following day at 5 p.m. There will be many opportunities during the event to take action on issues that affect hungry and poor people.

Bread is a sponsor of this unique festival, which locates itself “at the intersection of justice, spirituality, and art.” Learn more about the event, including how to register.  

If you have questions about Bread’s involvement, please contact Michael Smith at msmith@bread.org.

Michael-smithMichael Smith is southeast regional representative for Bread for the World.




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