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How to Use Social Media to Create Public Dialogue Around the Farm Bill

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Public dialogue can create public pressure, and raising your voice is critical to avoiding cuts that will take food off the tables of families who most need it. We must encourage members that food assistance is not a political football. 

If your member of Congress is on the House Agriculture Committee, tag them in a tweet or message them on Facebook in the next several days leading up to Wednesday’s committee vote on the farm bill. Below are sample tweets and Facebook posts, as well as a chart of links to members' accounts.

Sample Tweets:

Dear @RepX, Cuts to SNAP & Food Aid in the #FarmBill  would increase poverty & hunger. Please do the right thing #BreadActs

Dear @RepX Please be a hunger champion & do the right thing.  Protect SNAP & food aid funding in #FarmBill #BreadActs

Sample Facebook:

I am counting on your continued leadership for people who are poor and hungry. Please oppose cuts to SNAP and food aid in the upcoming farm bill vote.

As a person of faith, I believe that budgets are moral documents and must not be balanced on the backs of the poor.  Please be a leader and oppose cuts to SNAP and Food Aid in the farm bill.


Below is a list of 15 committee members we feel are key leaders that could be champions for food assistance programs in the farm bill.

Representative FB

Twitter Profile


Rep. Peterson

No profile


Rep. Baca



Rep. Holden



Rep. McIntyre



Rep. Boswell



Rep. Costa



Rep. Cuellar



Rep. Welch

No profile


Rep. Walz



Rep. Scott



Rep. Cardoza



Rep. Schrader



Rep. Schmidt

No profile


Rep. Gibson



Rep. Fortenberry



** The general twitter account to message Rep. Lucas, committee chairman, is @HouseAgNews

Robin-stephenson Robin Stephenson is regional organizer at Bread for the World.


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