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Why Do I Work at Bread for the World?

Jon Gromek (left), a Bread for the World organizer, and Barbara Miller, a Bread member, hug during the Bread for the World Lobby Day opening worship in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World.

Why do I work at Bread for the World? For me, it is an extension of my Sunday worship. The Orthodox theologian, Bishop Kallistos Ware writes:

‘Let us go forth in peace’ this is the last commandment of the Liturgy. It means, surely, that the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy is not an end but a beginning. "Let us go forth in peace," mean(s) the Liturgy is over, the liturgy after the Liturgy is about to begin.  This, then, is the aim of  [our worship]: that we should return to the world ... seeing Christ in every human person, especially in those who suffer.."

These words help me recall that my Sunday worship is not simply the recitation of prayers and attendance in a building; worship is service, not just a service. The monumental task of service to others in the world – the poor and hungry - cannot be accomplished in just a couple of hours.


A living faith is meant to be shared and practiced among a diverse and imperfect community of believers who embody and practice God’s love. At Bread for the World, I am energized by community.  It is a blessing to share in this holy work of ending hunger with such dedicated and passionate people who give their time, talent, and treasure.

I work at Bread for the World because I want to build, in whatever small way I can, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. I answer the call to end hunger in our time.

But our community can only do this work with the generous gifts and financial support of our members and friends. Such contributions allow us to provide the tools, training and know-how  to win nearly 40 years of policy and program change alleviating hunger both here in the U.S. and abroad.  Please consider donating what you can now.  If you do so by July 20, your gift will be doubled.

Our obligation to love and serve does not end when we leave church, it just begins. God calls us to serve all week and in relationship with others.  Bread for the World is that community for me. It is where the liturgy after my liturgy begins. I hope it is yours too.

Jon Gromek is regional organizer at Bread for the World in the Central Hub.

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