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Circle of Protection: An Educational Activity for Kids

Red rover 8.20.12

(Photo by Flickr user woodleywonderworks)

by Robin Stephenson.

Age: 5-11

Time: 20-25 mins. 


Bread slice shaped pieces of paper

Markers, crayons, pens

Stamps and envelopes 

Description: As we raise our voices through personal letter writing and conducting an offering of letters in church, don’t forget the children. The following activity is a game meant to teach youngsters about the circle of protection and give them an opportunity to make their voices heard in Congress.


Part 1: Red Rover

A traditional game of Red Rover can illustrate to kids how Christians can use their voices to help protect God's cherished treasures: his people. Play game of Red Rover, and then discuss what helps a team to win. 

As the children talk, use the analogy of the body to help them understand how much stronger we are as a united and collective voice than as individuals (two people have a much harder time keeping out Red Rover than 4 or 5).  

Also, use the example of arms as parts of the body that are very important, much like the arm of advocacy in the body of the Church. When we bind together and use all of our arms, our ability to protect is much stronger because our voice, as advocated, is larger. 

Part 2: Letter Writing

Next, talk to the children about what our faith leaders are protecting through the “circle of protection”.

Have them fill their names into letters (see below) on paper shaped like bread, and on the back to illustrate what a circle of protection for the hungry looks like to them.  

[Type text on back of paper or glue it on.]  

Dear Senator __________,

I am ___ age and at _________________(example: Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp). We are learning about how many of the most people vulnerable in our town need us to protect them. We played a game of Red Rover, reminding us that we are more powerful when we join our arms, and voices, together. I hope that you will help create a circle of protection around the most vulnerable people and not cut programs that really help them. 

[Insert a state statistic or story here. Example: One in five children in Montana live in poverty.] 

Thank you for all your hard work to make our town a good place to live, 

[Have the children sign their name]

Robin-stephensonRobin Stephenson is Western regional organizer for Bread for the World.


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Yay! Thanks for the ideas Robin! I love getting kids involved and am always looking for new ideas.

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