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Dear Congress: Remember Us (A Wild Goose Photo Essay)

Wildgoose1By Matt Newell-Ching

Here is a short list of programs that will be cut by 8.4 percent at the beginning of next year if Congress doesn’t take action: WIC, Head Start, heating assistance, housing and homelessness programs, and poverty-focused foreign assistance that gives life and opportunity through clean water, education, immunizations, and agricultural assistance.

These programs did not create our nation’s deficits, and cutting them won’t get at the root causes of our budget woes. This is why Bread is calling for a Circle of Protection around programs that help empower people experiencing hunger and poverty at home and abroad.

These cuts have millions of human faces behind them, and we know we have the power to impact budget choices if we share these stories. We did a little experiment this past weekend at the Wild Goose Festival in Corvallis, OR. We asked participants: “Who do you want Congress to remember when they consider budget cuts to programs that affect low-income people?” Here’s what they said. We’ve shared a gallery of the photos below, and the full set of pictures can also be viewed here.

Have a submission of your own? Email Robin Stephenson at rstephenson@bread.org, upload on Facebook, or tag us on Twitter.

Created with flickrSLiDR.



Matt Newell-Ching is the deputy director, western hub, at Bread for the World.



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